Are You Turning Off Your Prospects By Being Too Eager?

A few moments ago, I had a woman call me from a network marketing company wanting me to sign up for their program that usually costs $120 to join. The current special they are running is a free 2 week trial. After the free trial period, it's costs roughly about $117 per month to keep. What they offer is software and tools that help any struggling network marketer to be successful and build a downline.

What turned me off about this woman (and why I eventually hung up on her) was the fact that she wasn't a very good listener. She had asked me questions but didn't allow me to answer them. She kept trying to sell me. She was over talking and over selling. She was too eager to get the sale.

I didn't care that there was a free 2 weeks trial to "test drive" the products or the company. I didn't care about having to pay $98 plus and extra $19.99 a month to keep the service either. Hell, my rent is 10xs that amount! I would have willingly paid for the service and signed up if the woman who was attempting to get me to join didn't turn me off. What I did care about and what I did mind was the fact that she didn't allow me to speak, she didn't sound too interested in my business either. Even though she did ask questions, they weren't authentic. She went right back into "selling" me.

Have you been guilty of this? Have you been too eager to get a sale that you completely turned off your prospects and made them not want to buy from you? If you've ever lost a sale and didn't know why, this could be one of the reasons! She didn't successful build rapport with me, and she sound like she was reading from a script. I was also bored to death which made me want to exit stage left! In other words, she didn't sound like she was confident in what she was doing. She sound too timid and too eager.

It's very important that you learn how to make the prospects feel comfortable because the way you speak and the way you say things can either make or break the sale. The sales process is supposed to be easy. Not a dreadful walk to the execute chair or a dungeon, but more like a pleasant stroll down the boardwalk to a beautiful beach on a sunny day!

If you are doing all of the talking, you aren't doing a good job and you probably lost the prospects interest in the first 68 seconds. Don't be that person. Listen to your prospects, show genuine interest. Ask qualifying questions to see if you both are a right fit for each other. Make it fun and interesting! be confident in what you are doing! and last but not least, sell YOURSELF not the product or company!