Earn With ZNZ (ZipNadaZilch)

ZipNadaZilch or ZNZ is a work from home opportunity that pays regular people like you and me for referring people to complete free trial offers. This is the easiest and most lucrative work from home opportunity on the internet right now. ZipNadaZilch has paid over $5,000,000 and counting to average everyday people to promote fortune 500 companies and their products.

Fortune 500 companies like Netflix, Blockbuster, Equifax & others have finally realized they have been wasting hundreds if not thousands of dollars in advertising to get people to purchase their products. With more people turning to the internet than the television, it makes it a lot harder for these companies to get or retain customers. That's where you come in. These companies are willing to pay you anywhere from $20 all the way up to $250 or more to bring them, customers.

The average amount of money that a referral agent earns working from home with ZNZ can be anywhere from $100 a day to $700-$1000 a week! It's very easy to do. There are always people either looking to make money from home, add/supplement their income or try free products! The people you refer are not obligated to keep the products they try. However, it would be best if they select a free trial of a product they intend to keep.

Below you will find the requirements for becoming a referral agent for ZNZ:

1. Must be 18 years of age or older
2. Must reside in the US, Canada or UK
3. Only ONE account per household
4. Must have a paypal account in order to get paid (if you don't have one, you can sign up for one HERE)
5. Must have a computer w/ working internet connection
6. A passion/desire to learn & make money!

That's about all you need to get started! ZNZ has over 10 programs in their network, all in which pay you different amounts and prizes. If you'd rather earn a gift than cash, you can choose from a wide selection of items such as ipods, xbox 360, ipads, video games, gift cards and much more! Also, in order to get started with ZNZ, you must complete a free offer yourself to get your credit so that you can refer others and get paid.

You can earn $20/hr just sharing this information with other people who would like to have a legit way to earn money in their spare time. If you are excited and ready to get started, please follow the directions below:

1. click on the LINK to get started
2. select your prize
3. scroll down and enter your email address
4.fill in all missing information under the profile tab
5. click on the offers tab and complete one free offer
6.click on the order tab to submit your order so you can start referring others to get paid
7. refer others and earn $20 per referral

That's all there is too it! I hope this article helped shed some light on how to make money with ZNZ One. If and when you are ready to make BIG money, you can also sign up for other programs in the network. You can start with ZNZ Big Cash and earn $60 per referral.