How To Build Rapport With Prospects Without Coming Off Desperate For A Sale

Have you ever had this happen to you? You created a video or article that was filled with valuable information about your business, product or service. Someone saw the video or read the article, and decided to send you a message asking you for more information. Instead of you asking them how you can better help them, the first thing you did was send them to a link or a video, begging them to get started today. You didn't ask them any questions to qualify them. You wanted a sale so bad that you bypassed the most important steps that are required and you lost the sale.

When prospecting, you want to make sure that you follow a set of qualifying questions that will tell you whether or not if the person is serious, ready to get started or just wasting your time. Sometimes asking questions like, "how was your day" or "where are you from?" or "What are you currently doing for a living now?" or "How much extra money are you looking to make?" can either make or break the sale. If you pass the steps of building rapport, it's very unlikely that you will turn that prospect into a sale.

Even if you use a script that asks questions that build rapport will work. Make sure you make it sound authentic, not like you are reading from a script. You want to sound like a person who knows what they are talking about, not like a person who isn't sure what they are doing. Building rapport isn't as hard as it sounds. Think of the way you speak and talk to your family and friends. Obviously some of the things you say with your family and friends you wouldn't say to your prospects, but the point is to make them feel comfortable, like you really want to give to them not take from them.

Now there are rare cases where people just want to see the money or get to the point or get started  now. With those type of people, just get to the point.  There won't be a need to build a rapport because they've already made up their mind of what they want to do. They've already sold themselves so there's no reason for you to oversell them. Send them the link or the video, walk them through the sign up process and make the sale.

If a person is coming to you and is interested in your product or service, that means they are interested and want to learn more. This isn't the time for you to dismiss them by shoving a link or website or video down their throat telling them to "get back to you". That isn't the way to build rapport or a relationship.

Make sure you ask them qualifying questions BEFORE you start building rapport or sending them to a link or a website. Doing this will save you a LOT of time and it will allow you to focus on HOT leads instead of warm or cold ones. But if you take the time to see how you can serve them or help them with their situation or how you can bring value into their lives, they will be more likely to want to cooperate with you and will most likely sign up for whatever you are promoting.

There is a science of turning leads into sales. Once you learn it, you will never have a problem with building relationships and getting people to sign up for your business opportunity product or service will be much easier. Work on your people skills. Practice in the mirror or with a friend. Ask for feedback. Improve your approach and you will have a greater chance of turning leads into sales!