How To Promote Your Business, Product or Service Without Being A Spammer

I decided to write this article because I believe it is something that can really help a lot of people in their business, especially if they are a affiliate or network marketer. One of the most important aspects of being in business or being a marketer is getting traffic, people to "opt-in" to your mailing list, and potentially become a lead or a successful conversion.

While there are many techniques and strategies that are useful, a lot of newbie's in network marketing are like chicken's with their heads cut off when it comes to promoting their business, product or service. Let me explain.

Most newbies copy and paste everything everyone else is doing thinking it's going to work. For some people it does work. But you have to remember that everyone else is probably writing the same things in the same way and at the same time. You won't be able to stand out if you are copying and pasting the same texts that everyone else is using.

Every business owner or affiliate marketer would love to have people coming in by the truckloads, but it usually takes a certain set of skills and strategies to really be successful and stand out from the crowd.

You can promote your business without coming off as a spammer. You can also promote your business without coming off as someone who is so desperate and needy too. All it takes is a little creativity. If you look at the ads or the posts from some of the most successful business owners or marketers, you will see that their method or system is simple, unique and easy to duplicate.

Most successful marketers don't sound sales-y, or spammy, or desperate. They usually sound genuine, authentic and are willing to help you become successful. If you can be creative and come up with a few catchy adds that sound like a REAL person and not some pre-written automatic response, I guarantee you that you will have way more opt-ins, sign ups and conversions.

Creativity is where the real abundance lies within the network marketing industry (and any industry). If you are coming from a state of mind that you have to compete with others in order for you to get ahead, you've already failed at being a successful marketer or business owner. A business owner or marketer who knows that their product or service is valuable and in demand doesn't have to compete with others. In fact, their product or service is so good that people are coming to them instead of the other way around.

Anything you get or receive on the competitive plane is temporary. If you work from your own unique skills and talents and use your strongest traits, you won't have to compete with others because it won't be necessary.

To be honest, getting people to "opt-in" or sign up for your product or service really has nothing to do with what you write in your ads. It has everything to do with how you make the person feel (if you got their interest), if you've built a solid relationship with them or if your ad was unique and to the point. Long or drawn out ads won't work because people's attention span is very short. So keep your ads short and to the point.

Also, try not to be a "desperate promoter" posting your ads on every single post, website or blog you find. It can be very annoying to people who have no interest in what you are doing and you can also ruin your chances for people being interested if they think you are a spammer. Try to post your ads to websites or blogs that have something to do with your ad. There are always people looking for ways to improve, to learn something new or to start a new venture so it's best that you go where those people are like Ibotoolbox.

I hope you learned something from this post and how being creative and using your strongest skills and traits can increase your business and potentially increase your income. It is all trial and error, so never give up until you find something that works!