3 Easy Ways To Build Your Network Marketing Business

When people come into the network, affiliate or internet marketing industry the very first thing most people think or ask themselves is how are they going to build their business and make a lot of money. Today I'm going to shed some light on a very easy 3 step method that can help you grow your network marketing business and start making you the money you deserve...

Before I share the 3 easiest ways to build your network marketing business, let's look at some of the old school methods of building your business and compare it to the new school methods of business building.

Old School Business Building Marketing Strategies (That Still Make People Money)

Cold Calling/Telemarketing-This is by far an old school method of generating leads.Gone are the days that you have to pick up a phone book and start randomly dialing to get business.

 Not saying that this method isn't still effective because it is. But nowadays, the best way to get business to is through internet marketing strategies or purchasing services that help you generate leads. 

Door to Door-Imagine going door to door in the freezing cold trying to pitch people about your network marketing business? Given the technology that we have today, is that really even necessary anymore? I'm pretty sure some people are probably still using this strategy but thanks to Facebook, Twitter & Youtube it's more easier now than ever to just have people come to you. 

Postcards/Mailing Brochures-This is one method that probably still works well for some people and gets fresh leads for those who use this method. However, why go through the time to mail pamphlets and brochures to people's doors when you can just send them over an email instead? Sending an email is quicker and doesn't cost you anything. 

New School Ways To Build Your Network Marketing Business (And Make Even More Money)

Connect With People-Connecting with people has become easier than ever thanks to facebook. Now, instead of picking up the phone, you can just send over a quick im (instant message) to someone and boom! You've got a new lead!

Email Marketing-This is another great way to build your business by constantly staying in contact with the people you talk to. Why not just ask people to sign up for your newsletter or to stay up to date with what's new in your business? It wouldn't hurt to give it a try. 

Video Marketing-We live in a visual world and people love to watch something that is interesting, engaging and new. Making a video about your business, product or service isn't only a great marketing tool, but it's free lifetime traffic to your business, product or service website! You can easily make a 5 minute video and upload it to youtube.

The 3 Easiest Ways To Build Your Network Marketing Business Is:

Build A List-You can do this either online or offline it doesn't matter.

Show Leads/Prospects Presentation-Again, this can be in person or by any of the methods that I mentioned above.

Enroll Them In The Business-It's really that simple. 

These are just some of the many ways that you can grow your network marketing business. You can definitely learn even more ways to grow your network marketing business by aligning yourself with a team of like-minded individuals who all work together to help YOU succeed!

Below you will find some of the benefits of being apart of a great team of like-minded individuals...

*Develop the proper mindset to be successful in business and in life...
*Daily team training and support...
*Daily assignments to take your income from $0-$10k per month..
*Mastermind with some powerful & positive people...

And most importantly be partnered with the top people in the industry who would love to show you how to duplicate their success!

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Powerful Ways To Stand Out In Your Business & Get More Sales

Today's post was inspired by something I wrote down in my business journal a few weeks ago and I decided to share it because I feel a lot of people who come into the home-based business, make money from home, affiliate/internet/network marketing world struggle a LOT with this and it's probably the reason why most people who come into this industry fail miserably.

Before I get into the ways you can stand out in your business, I'd like to say this one thing. A lot of people come into this industry from a competitive mindset. 

They're always thinking of  how they can outdo/outshine someone, or how they can do better than the next person. Or sometimes they ask themselves how come that other person who isn't anyone special is always getting sales, sign ups and referrals while they themselves continue to struggle in their business.

I've come up with several ways a person can stand out from the crowd even if other people are in the EXACT same business as you are. I've also come up with the solution to how a person can overcome this and come from a place of creativity instead of competition.

First, the most important thing you must do is PROMOTE YOU! Not your business, not your opportunity. But YOU! People don't join people just because they are told to, no matter if it's cheap or free 99. People want to know you. People must KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you before they join or buy anything from you. 

To stand out from others, there must be something genuine, unique and different about you. Share pieces of yourself. You don't have to tell your whole life story, but tell a story in a way that is interesting. Most people's brains are wired to gravitate towards people who have gone threw great struggle but overcame all obstacles and became successful. So do your best to relate well to others in a way that lets them know you are like them.

I've found that people who are successful in anything in life have something about them that you just cannot explain. They are usually very creative, innovative and have a positive aura or energy about them. These people usually go in with the mindset that they are the best. They also always have a positive attitude and expect to win. So you too must possess a positive mental attitude and always expect the best. 

I've also found that the people who stand out the most, who get more leads and sales are people who are consistent and take action daily! They are consistently posting, talking or speaking about their business and they are always sharing something interesting and thought provoking. If you watch some of the most successful people and how they work, you will also find they are always speaking with passion, power, conviction and confidence!

Another great quality that people who do well in business and in life in general is that they are great listeners, they are compassionate and really take the time out to help others. This is one reason why they continue to grow their business, their network, their friends lists, twitter followers etc because they have an uncanny ability to connect with people, know what the people need and position themselves to be the solution to the problem. 

They are great critical thinkers, problem solvers and amazing leaders, which is why people tend to follow them and join them in every business or program they promote because people value someone who can lead them to success. 

These are just a few things I've noticed in myself and well as others and this is the reason why the people who do these things are so successful. Successful people believe in themselves, in their business and know that they have a whole lot of value to offer others and people usually sense or feel that and they take action because who wouldn't want to be apart of a team of successful people who are doing great in their business?

Sometimes starting out in business, especially a home based business, you may be lost and don't know where to start or what to do and that's ok. The remedy to that is to start researching on the the areas you are having issues in (which can take hours, weeks, months or even years to master) or...

team up with a community of like-minded individuals who will help you and work with you so that you can succeed! 

Below you will find some of the benefits of being apart of a great team of like-minded individuals...

*Develop the proper mindset to be successful in business and in life...
*Daily team training and support...
*Daily assignments to take your income from $0-$10k per month..
*Mastermind with some powerful & positive people...

And most importantly be partnered with the top people in the industry who would love to show you how to duplicate their success!

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Are You Wasting Money Instead of Making Money?

Everyday people all over the world are looking for information to learn how to do something. People search endlessly for the solutions to the problems that they face in their lives. Some people try to remedy their money problems by going to school to get an education, only to find that after they are finished with school, they are in debt and are still unable to find a job in their chosen field even though they've spent xyz amount of years studying to get their ideal job.

In terms of working from home, making money online, or starting/running a home based business, people are always looking for information on how to do it. People stalk blogs, youtube videos and even facebook fan pages to find out the "secret" that will magically pop out through the screen. But the reality is it doesn't. Another reality is that there isn't any "secret". But people think there is, and this is what makes people go buy what they want to know.

People will pay for something that they want to know. People do it everyday. This is why people decide to go to college to know something they didn't know and to put it to use and apply it to their lives or their jobs. This is why people buy books, audios, take classes and coaching from people because they want to KNOW. They want to know how they can learn something or do something differently.

The most important thing people need to realize is that once you BUY knowledge, you are supposed to take ACTION immediately! This is where most people make mistakes because they buy something and then say well it didn't work or it wasn't effective. It's not that it wasn't effective, it's that you must learn how to put what you learn to use right away! Knowledge is power, but it's only power when it is applied!

If you put what you learn to use right away, then you will know if it works or if it doesn't work. And if you find what you learn isn't for you or that it doesn't work, then you can try something different or seek out people who have found success doing what DOES work. It makes no sense to continue to lose money on systems or methods that just don't cut it.

The best thing you can do is to get with a team of people who know what DOES work. It's best to plug into a SYSTEM with people who know what they are doing and know how to help you get to where you want to go because they've done it or are already doing it. So stop wasting time looking for knowledge because you are in the right place to find out what WORKS. Now it's time to actually start making money instead of wasting it trying to find the "secret" to success.

The best thing you can do is get with the right team who could help you get to where you want to go and help you have success and make more money than you could ever imagine! All it takes is the desire to want more than what you currently have, plug into the system and do what is necessary to get where you want to go.

Listed below are just some of the benefits of joining a winning team:

*Develop the proper mindset to be successful in business and in life...
*Daily training, conference calls and support...
*Daily assignments to take your income from $0-$10k per month..
*Mastermind with some powerful & positive people...

And most importantly be partnered with the top people in the industry who are raking in 6-7 figure incomes and who would love to show you how to duplicate their success!

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Why Having Multiple Streams of Income Is Important

Today we live in a world where things are constantly changing. Gas prices are increasing, companies are firing or laying people off, and the cost of living is at an all time high. People are in fear of losing their homes, their cars, and their jobs because of the events going on in the world and the changing economy. We no longer live in a world where there is a thing called job security. No one is safe from a company that decides to downsize, or from a boss that just doesn't like your work ethic and makes the decision to let you go. People are on edge and walking on eggshells like never before.

Most people only have one source of income and that's usually always from their job. If these people were to lose their jobs tomorrow, the only other thing they'd have going for them is unemployment, and even that is becoming harder to qualify for. These people who depend solely on their jobs to survive are completely unprepared if the company they work for decided to close it's doors for good. Like how Hostess Brands close their doors and have left 18,500 unemployed right before Christmas.

What would you do if something like that happened to you? Will you be prepared? What if you don't find another job right away? What if you don't have the money to support yourself? Then what? I don't ask this question to scare you. I ask this question to get you thinking about how you will still be able to pay your bills, take care of your children, put food on the table, keep a roof over your head and money in your pockets. What is your plan B?

This is why it's so very important to have another stream of income just in case things like this happen. Don't put your eggs all in one basket because things WILL happen that you have no control over. There will be natural disasters. There will be layoffs. There will be companies closing left and right. So now is the time for you to tap into your source of potential income. What can you do that you are good at? What talents or skills do you have that are marketable and profitable? 

Maybe you like to draw. You can create beautiful paintings and sell them. Or maybe you are a writer. You can write a book or create an ebook and sell it online. Maybe you have another talent. Maybe you are a teacher and you can hold classes and teach people how to do things. There are so many ways to bring in an extra income these days. The internet is a great place to start by researching how to get started in the field of your choice.

Maybe none of those things floats your boat and you are looking to get started working from home, making money online, network/affiliate/internet marketing or to start your own business. Or maybe, you just want to find a way to add an extra income and it doesn't really matter what way that is, as long as you are able to have money coming in. The best thing you can do is either research ways to make money online or you can read some of the other posts on this blog of programs that I've already taken the liberty of reviewing for you.

You can save the time and hours it takes to research legitimate ways to make money from home because there are many great ways to make money online from home on the blog that you are reading right now. Since you are here now, wouldn't it be a great idea to look over some of the opportunities that are here that will help you add an extra stream of income in your home? Then go ahead and look around, sign up for whatever program tickles your fancy and contact me at the contact tab above if you have any questions, comments or concerns. 

A great place to get started and which I highly recommend is The Instant Money Network. You can read the review I did about Instant Rewards by clicking HERE.

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Instant Rewards Review (Instant Money Network)

Instant Rewards: The Instant Money Network's CPA Program

Today I am coming at you with a review of a very popular CPA program called Instant Rewards. Instant Rewards is apart of the Instant Money Network and is very similar to other popular CPA programs like ZNZ and Free Factor. The only thing that is different with Instant Rewards that the other popular programs don't offer is the ability to earn residual income on top of what you will already earn in commissions from your referrals. I find this to be a great addition to an already awesome program. 

I found out about Instant Rewards through Craigslist. I was randomly clicking on ads, and I came across an ad that caught my attention and I decided to sign up. I've been with Instant Rewards since August of this year. As with all the programs that I join, I like to get a feel for it before I dive into so I promoted the program on Facebook, Craigslist and Twitter just to see if this is something that people would be interested in. 

I found that in general, making money is something that EVERYONE is interested in so I decided to go ahead and continue to promote the program. Now here's one thing though, because I like to be honest. When I signed up for Instant Rewards, I didn't complete my free offer right away. However, I decided that today, I was going to promote the program again and complete my free offer, which I did and you can see the proof below:

So because I completed my free offer, when I refer others to do the same, I will earn $20 every time. I've been doing programs like this for a while, so I already know how it goes. I find that Instant Rewards is a program that everyone loves to start off with first because of the residual income, the on-going support, and the professional look and feel of the program.

Why should you join Instant Rewards?

I feel you should join Instant Rewards because it's a great program that has more than one way to earn. It's also a highly reputable and recommended company. Out of all the programs that offer this same type of "make money online" opportunity, I find Instant Rewards to be the most professional, honest, prompt and reliable opportunities of all of the work from home companies that I'm apart of.

They also have a back office filled with TONS of helpful information in order to help you be successful. You will be supplied with a marketing system so you can get leads and referrals. Your marketing system will include a free autoresponder that will send periodic messages to the people who opt-in on your capture page through your link. You also will be provided text and images ads to place on classified sites and share on social media platforms. You will have the opportunity to join the facebook group and get even more help and support.

Another great thing about Instant Rewards is that you don't have to wait until Friday to get paid. You can get paid daily through paypal or direct deposit. So this is a great option for people who need money right away to pay bills or for anything else. I especially like to be paid daily instead of waiting a week or more for my money so that's another plus in my book and that's why I love programs like this that pay daily.

It's a great company with lots of help and support and a lot of resources to help you make money. You can and will make great money with this program and you will have support every step of the way. If you are excited and ready to join the Instant Money Network team, you can do so by clicking HERE to get started making money right away!

Are You REALLY Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

One of the most important qualities any would-be entrepreneur or internet marketer should aspire to develop is discipline. The reason for this is because it takes a lot of discipline to be successful and most people fail because they haven't MASTERED this ONE thing.

Most people new to internet marketing or entrepreneurship may be used to having structure or monotonous routines that are pretty much the same everyday. Sort of like when you wake up, you brush your teeth, take a shower, eat breakfast, kiss the family goodbye and you're off to work. This is an example of how most people start their mornings.

Now on the flip side, when you work from home there's a HUGE difference. The difference is that instead of having to get up and go to work, you can get up and get on your computer. You can work in your pj's on your computer without setting foot inside of any office.

Now where the issue may arise is when you don't set yourself on a schedule and you are spending too much time doing pointless things that aren't going to bring you any income. When you are at a job, you have a set time to be there. You have a set of tasks you must perform throughout the day. You have a time to eat lunch, a time to take a break, and you also have a time to clock out and go home.

The same thing applies when you work from home or own your own business. You must have a time and place to do things because otherwise, nothing will ever get done. You develop a system that you follow in order that you can stay on task, stay focused and accomplish your goals for the day. It's easy to get distracted by the internet because there's SO MUCH information and it can be quite overwhelming at times. 

Having discipline definitely lets you know if you will succeed or fail. An the truth of the matter is, most people fail in their first year of starting their own business. Just like most internet marketers quit because they think they can't do it or it isn't for them. Sometimes, all it boils down to is concentrating on what you have to do and committing to making it work. Of course having drive, ambition, and being self-motivated helps also.

There are also many other aspects of being your own boss that people often times overlook. For instance, paying taxes. No one is taking money out of your paycheck anymore. You have to make sure you are saving a percentage of your income so that you can file your 1099 tax form at the end of the year.

Another thing people overlook or don't take notice of is the fact that you are no longer an employee. There is no one telling you want to do anymore. You are calling all the shots. For some people, they are so used to being told what to do that they don't even know WHAT to do when they get back their power they gave a way from being an employee.

Cost of overhead. For any business to run smoothly or successfully, you will need tools to help you to continue to do so. For a restaurant business, that could be the food and supplies they need to purchase every month to keep the food going. For a singer, that could be paying for advertising, studio time,a publicist, a manger etc the list goes on. For a stay at home mom who runs an online business that could be purchasing filing cabinets, paying for email marketing, hosting for a website, copy writer for producing sales pages, advertising etc.

There are so many things that go into starting your own business and working for yourself that you really have to ask yourself if you're REALLY ready for it and if you can handle it. Anyone wanting to start their own business or work from home should definitely ask themselves if they really have what it takes to be their own boss. Especially if you're coming from the corporate world into the internet marketing world. Here's a quiz on SCORE's website, which is a resource for  small business owners and entrepreneurs. You can take the "Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss?" Quiz on the SCORE's website by downloading it HERE.

Good Habits and Morning Rituals for Daily Success

Very inspiring video I found by Brian Tracy today while browsing through youtube!

Are You Turning Off Your Prospects By Being Too Eager?

A few moments ago, I had a woman call me from a network marketing company wanting me to sign up for their program that usually costs $120 to join. The current special they are running is a free 2 week trial. After the free trial period, it's costs roughly about $117 per month to keep. What they offer is software and tools that help any struggling network marketer to be successful and build a downline.

What turned me off about this woman (and why I eventually hung up on her) was the fact that she wasn't a very good listener. She had asked me questions but didn't allow me to answer them. She kept trying to sell me. She was over talking and over selling. She was too eager to get the sale.

I didn't care that there was a free 2 weeks trial to "test drive" the products or the company. I didn't care about having to pay $98 plus and extra $19.99 a month to keep the service either. Hell, my rent is 10xs that amount! I would have willingly paid for the service and signed up if the woman who was attempting to get me to join didn't turn me off. What I did care about and what I did mind was the fact that she didn't allow me to speak, she didn't sound too interested in my business either. Even though she did ask questions, they weren't authentic. She went right back into "selling" me.

Have you been guilty of this? Have you been too eager to get a sale that you completely turned off your prospects and made them not want to buy from you? If you've ever lost a sale and didn't know why, this could be one of the reasons! She didn't successful build rapport with me, and she sound like she was reading from a script. I was also bored to death which made me want to exit stage left! In other words, she didn't sound like she was confident in what she was doing. She sound too timid and too eager.

It's very important that you learn how to make the prospects feel comfortable because the way you speak and the way you say things can either make or break the sale. The sales process is supposed to be easy. Not a dreadful walk to the execute chair or a dungeon, but more like a pleasant stroll down the boardwalk to a beautiful beach on a sunny day!

If you are doing all of the talking, you aren't doing a good job and you probably lost the prospects interest in the first 68 seconds. Don't be that person. Listen to your prospects, show genuine interest. Ask qualifying questions to see if you both are a right fit for each other. Make it fun and interesting! be confident in what you are doing! and last but not least, sell YOURSELF not the product or company!

How To Promote Your Business, Product or Service Without Being A Spammer

I decided to write this article because I believe it is something that can really help a lot of people in their business, especially if they are a affiliate or network marketer. One of the most important aspects of being in business or being a marketer is getting traffic, people to "opt-in" to your mailing list, and potentially become a lead or a successful conversion.

While there are many techniques and strategies that are useful, a lot of newbie's in network marketing are like chicken's with their heads cut off when it comes to promoting their business, product or service. Let me explain.

Most newbies copy and paste everything everyone else is doing thinking it's going to work. For some people it does work. But you have to remember that everyone else is probably writing the same things in the same way and at the same time. You won't be able to stand out if you are copying and pasting the same texts that everyone else is using.

Every business owner or affiliate marketer would love to have people coming in by the truckloads, but it usually takes a certain set of skills and strategies to really be successful and stand out from the crowd.

You can promote your business without coming off as a spammer. You can also promote your business without coming off as someone who is so desperate and needy too. All it takes is a little creativity. If you look at the ads or the posts from some of the most successful business owners or marketers, you will see that their method or system is simple, unique and easy to duplicate.

Most successful marketers don't sound sales-y, or spammy, or desperate. They usually sound genuine, authentic and are willing to help you become successful. If you can be creative and come up with a few catchy adds that sound like a REAL person and not some pre-written automatic response, I guarantee you that you will have way more opt-ins, sign ups and conversions.

Creativity is where the real abundance lies within the network marketing industry (and any industry). If you are coming from a state of mind that you have to compete with others in order for you to get ahead, you've already failed at being a successful marketer or business owner. A business owner or marketer who knows that their product or service is valuable and in demand doesn't have to compete with others. In fact, their product or service is so good that people are coming to them instead of the other way around.

Anything you get or receive on the competitive plane is temporary. If you work from your own unique skills and talents and use your strongest traits, you won't have to compete with others because it won't be necessary.

To be honest, getting people to "opt-in" or sign up for your product or service really has nothing to do with what you write in your ads. It has everything to do with how you make the person feel (if you got their interest), if you've built a solid relationship with them or if your ad was unique and to the point. Long or drawn out ads won't work because people's attention span is very short. So keep your ads short and to the point.

Also, try not to be a "desperate promoter" posting your ads on every single post, website or blog you find. It can be very annoying to people who have no interest in what you are doing and you can also ruin your chances for people being interested if they think you are a spammer. Try to post your ads to websites or blogs that have something to do with your ad. There are always people looking for ways to improve, to learn something new or to start a new venture so it's best that you go where those people are like Ibotoolbox.

I hope you learned something from this post and how being creative and using your strongest skills and traits can increase your business and potentially increase your income. It is all trial and error, so never give up until you find something that works!

How To Build Rapport With Prospects Without Coming Off Desperate For A Sale

Have you ever had this happen to you? You created a video or article that was filled with valuable information about your business, product or service. Someone saw the video or read the article, and decided to send you a message asking you for more information. Instead of you asking them how you can better help them, the first thing you did was send them to a link or a video, begging them to get started today. You didn't ask them any questions to qualify them. You wanted a sale so bad that you bypassed the most important steps that are required and you lost the sale.

When prospecting, you want to make sure that you follow a set of qualifying questions that will tell you whether or not if the person is serious, ready to get started or just wasting your time. Sometimes asking questions like, "how was your day" or "where are you from?" or "What are you currently doing for a living now?" or "How much extra money are you looking to make?" can either make or break the sale. If you pass the steps of building rapport, it's very unlikely that you will turn that prospect into a sale.

Even if you use a script that asks questions that build rapport will work. Make sure you make it sound authentic, not like you are reading from a script. You want to sound like a person who knows what they are talking about, not like a person who isn't sure what they are doing. Building rapport isn't as hard as it sounds. Think of the way you speak and talk to your family and friends. Obviously some of the things you say with your family and friends you wouldn't say to your prospects, but the point is to make them feel comfortable, like you really want to give to them not take from them.

Now there are rare cases where people just want to see the money or get to the point or get started  now. With those type of people, just get to the point.  There won't be a need to build a rapport because they've already made up their mind of what they want to do. They've already sold themselves so there's no reason for you to oversell them. Send them the link or the video, walk them through the sign up process and make the sale.

If a person is coming to you and is interested in your product or service, that means they are interested and want to learn more. This isn't the time for you to dismiss them by shoving a link or website or video down their throat telling them to "get back to you". That isn't the way to build rapport or a relationship.

Make sure you ask them qualifying questions BEFORE you start building rapport or sending them to a link or a website. Doing this will save you a LOT of time and it will allow you to focus on HOT leads instead of warm or cold ones. But if you take the time to see how you can serve them or help them with their situation or how you can bring value into their lives, they will be more likely to want to cooperate with you and will most likely sign up for whatever you are promoting.

There is a science of turning leads into sales. Once you learn it, you will never have a problem with building relationships and getting people to sign up for your business opportunity product or service will be much easier. Work on your people skills. Practice in the mirror or with a friend. Ask for feedback. Improve your approach and you will have a greater chance of turning leads into sales!

Earn With ZNZ (ZipNadaZilch)

ZipNadaZilch or ZNZ is a work from home opportunity that pays regular people like you and me for referring people to complete free trial offers. This is the easiest and most lucrative work from home opportunity on the internet right now. ZipNadaZilch has paid over $5,000,000 and counting to average everyday people to promote fortune 500 companies and their products.

Fortune 500 companies like Netflix, Blockbuster, Equifax & others have finally realized they have been wasting hundreds if not thousands of dollars in advertising to get people to purchase their products. With more people turning to the internet than the television, it makes it a lot harder for these companies to get or retain customers. That's where you come in. These companies are willing to pay you anywhere from $20 all the way up to $250 or more to bring them, customers.

The average amount of money that a referral agent earns working from home with ZNZ can be anywhere from $100 a day to $700-$1000 a week! It's very easy to do. There are always people either looking to make money from home, add/supplement their income or try free products! The people you refer are not obligated to keep the products they try. However, it would be best if they select a free trial of a product they intend to keep.

Below you will find the requirements for becoming a referral agent for ZNZ:

1. Must be 18 years of age or older
2. Must reside in the US, Canada or UK
3. Only ONE account per household
4. Must have a paypal account in order to get paid (if you don't have one, you can sign up for one HERE)
5. Must have a computer w/ working internet connection
6. A passion/desire to learn & make money!

That's about all you need to get started! ZNZ has over 10 programs in their network, all in which pay you different amounts and prizes. If you'd rather earn a gift than cash, you can choose from a wide selection of items such as ipods, xbox 360, ipads, video games, gift cards and much more! Also, in order to get started with ZNZ, you must complete a free offer yourself to get your credit so that you can refer others and get paid.

You can earn $20/hr just sharing this information with other people who would like to have a legit way to earn money in their spare time. If you are excited and ready to get started, please follow the directions below:

1. click on the LINK to get started
2. select your prize
3. scroll down and enter your email address
4.fill in all missing information under the profile tab
5. click on the offers tab and complete one free offer
6.click on the order tab to submit your order so you can start referring others to get paid
7. refer others and earn $20 per referral

That's all there is too it! I hope this article helped shed some light on how to make money with ZNZ One. If and when you are ready to make BIG money, you can also sign up for other programs in the network. You can start with ZNZ Big Cash and earn $60 per referral.