Friday, August 30, 2013

CopyPasteCash Program Review

What is CopyPasteCash?

CopyPasteCash is training for newbies or struggling internet marketers. It's also a refresher course for experienced marketers to brush up on their marketing skills. This training course teaches new and struggling marketers how to successfully market online. It's a fun, interactive video-game styled program with a community of other internet marketers where you can earn money while learning how to market online.

Who is CopyPasteCash for?

CopyPasteCash is for newbies to internet marketing, struggling marketers, experienced marketers, stay at home moms and dads. This training program is also for students, unemployed or underemployed individuals, military personnel, disabled individuals. It's also for men and women 18 years of age and older who desire to work from home, make money online full-time or part-time. It's for men and women who want to supplement their incomes. This program is also for entrepreneurs and opportunity seekers.

What do you learn as a CopyPasteCash member/affiliate?

As a CopyPasteCash affiliate, you learn how to post ads online, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Residual Income streams, Lead Generation, Driving Traffic to your affiliate link or landing page. You also learn about Capture Pages, Article Marketing, Video Marketing and free methods on getting leads to earn sales and so much more!

Why should you join CopyPasteCash?

You should join CopyPasteCash because it's a great training module on how to market online and earn cash for your efforts. Most programs who offer the same type of training want you to pay thousands to join and expensive monthly fees. With CopyPasteCash, there's only one fee of $29.95 and you get lifetime access to all the training and tutorials. There are never any monthly fees and you can start earning cash as soon as you sign up!

How does CopyPasteCash work?

When you join CopyPasteCash, you start off as a newbie and accumulate points by creating campaigns, posting ads, signing into your account and of course making sales. You get to "level up" each time you reach a certain amount of points by doing the things I've mentioned above and more. Every time someone responds to your ad, you earn $25. ( note:your first sale is your qualifying sale. so you only earn $4.95 for the first sale. Every sale after that you earn 85% commission which is $25. So you earn $25 for every sale you get and the company keeps the $4.95 to continue to build the site and provide us with more training to help us earn more money.) You also get paid every 24 hrs.

What do you get when you join CopyPasteCash?

When you become a member of CopyPasteCash, you get a back office with training videos and tutorials. You get tools to take you from newbie marketer to top dog. You get pre-written ads, list of high converting sites to post ads on to get sales, tracking system to keep track of all of your leads and sales. You also get life time member to the training and skills that are transferable to any and every online money making opportunity on the internet.

How do you sign up for CopyPasteCash?

If you are excited and want to earn while you learn Internet Marketing and start earning cash right now, please click HERE to START NOW and START EARNING CASH EVERY 24HRS!

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