Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Join & Earn With Project Payday's Referral Program

Project Payday is a online program that helps those people who are new to working from home, making money online or affiliate/network marketing learn "the ropes" to earning an income from home. It's a very simple program that has guides, tips, video tutorials and even teaches you how to earn your first $50 online if you've never done so before.

What project payday promotes is freebie sites or "IFWs". Bascially completing free offers for others or referring others to complete free offers. This is actually the most legit and lucrative way to earn a full time income online. There is no selling or chasing family and friends. It's something anyone can do and all it takes is having a computer with a working internet connection, the ability to copy/paste and to follow directions.

Project payday also has other guides that teach you how to make money other ways as well. But mostly they promote the use of freebie sites. There are TONS of freebie sites that you can make money with, that require no out of pocket costs. All you would need to get started is a paypal account (to get paid) and a valid email address. Most people use ZipNadaZilchInstant Rewards, or One Offer Free Factor. These 3 are the most popular among the freebie sites. I'm not exactly sure how long Project payday has been around, but I have been signed up with them since 2007.

I think for the complete newbie, this is a great start to earning money online. Especially for people who have been looking for a legitimate way to earn money. To get your feet wet, they even have a referral program that can help you gain some experience and earn money at the same time. They pay you to refer people to join the site. Project Payday is free to join. You get paid $1.50 for every person who clicks on your unique referral link and fills out their info to sign up for an account.

The amount you get paid per referral can and will increase given that you send them quality leads to their site. It would be best to send them leads of people who are already interested in working from home or making money online.  This can be a great start and actually put some cash in your pocket very quickly. The payout is $30, so once you accumlate $30, they will pay you through a check or through direct deposit.  You get paid every friday for the previous weeks earnings.

With a little effort, you can earn an extra $1000-$2000 a month just from people signing up for a free account. There are always people looking for ways to make money or work from home so you will never be short of people to refer. To learn more or to sign up for a free Project Payday account, Click HERE to get started.


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